Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sock Wars, day 4

It is highly unlikely that my target will wander by here, so I'll talk about my current status. I mailed the completed socks on late Saturday afternoon, as I think I posted earlier. I don't think they went out of the post office until 6:30 yesterday morning. They went priority, which means today's the earliest I can possibly expect them to arrive. Possible, maybe. Probable, maybe not.

At any rate, my target has posted that he's going to keep knitting until he's killed. He didn't say how far he'd gotten, but it did not sound like he was ready to mail yet. If I do get him before he finishes, the earliest I could have another pair to work on is probably Friday.

I know absolutely nothing about my assassin. All I know is that there was nothing in the mail today but junk, the FedEx truck hasn't been by, and I'm still listed as Alive in the database.

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