Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WIP and almost in progress Wednesday

Work that's actually in progress is going well.  I'm keeping up with the mystery afghan squares.  The Name of the Doctor scarf sat untouched for months at 45% done.  I picked it up and it's past 75% now:
I found a bunch of projects that I want to do and have them all stuffed in project bags.  The timing on this leaves a lot to be desired.  I have a bunch of Doctor Who quests to do starting today.  No, it isn't an April Fools joke.  It'll be clear from this list exactly who the April Fool is.  Note to self:  italics means optional.

  • Quest 1, something to help The Doctor-pick pattern-due 4/30

  • Quest 2, Souffle Girl socks, Cookie 2011 bag-due 4/30

  • Quest 3, stop Vespiforms-due 4/30

  • Quest 4, help The Doctor and UNIT-due 4/30

  • Egg patterns, two or three-due 4/30

  • Li Licorne socks, Paris cafe bag-try to do by 4/30

  • Oswin shawl, Jessalu Who bag, due 6/30

  • Name of the Doctor scarf, Tardis bag, enter in Pandorica for the month you think you can finish it

  • Mystery afghan squares-try to keep up

  • Arts and Crafts blanket-get download instructions

  • Alice in Wonderland pillow, dragon bag, do later

  • Tea Cosy, Guatemala bag, do later

  • Pond Socks, Monty Python bag, do later

  • Spoilers Socks, Llama bag, do later

  • Mariners Geek Socks, Mary Englebreit bag, do later

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