Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I'm working on a pair of socks that have embroidery on them.  I'm almost to the heel turn.  I've been advised that the embroidery should be done before moving on to the foot.  I don't know if I want to embroider right now.  Everything on tv that I want to watch is stuff I've already seen.  So I started poking around on Ravelry and found some interesting stuff.

  • You Can Do It blanket.  I don't know that I'd ever do this, but the pattern's free from Lion Brand.  You work the front and back seperately and sew them together.  The back has You Can Do It in big letters.  This is the front:

  • Self-picturing yarn.  It's the same principle as self-striping yarn, only you end up with little pictures.  Stitch gauge is absolutely critical in making it work.  This one' can be preordered from Artistic Yarns by Abi:

  • She's done some other picture designs, too.  I haven't ordered anything...yet.

  • Game of Thrones sock patterns.  I know.  If all the sock patterns I have were printed out and put end to end, they'd no doubt reach the moon.  Don't care.  There are three of them and they were all free.  The designer's Avalanche Designs.  The patterns are House Greyjoy, House Baratheon, and House Targaryen.  They're cable-y and pretty.

  • Randiriel Socks.  This is another free pattern.  It reminds me of Bavarian twisted stitch socks that I love.  The original pattern's in German, so maybe it is.  The pattern's also available in English.  It came out of a Ravelry group that has about a zillion members.  I don't want to check and see if more of the group's patterns are in English.  I could end up with a library of sock patterns that could reach Saturn's moons.

  • Wastl by General Hogbuffer.  Speaking of Bavarian twisted stitches, this is another free sock pattern.  If you enjoy patterns with non-traditional construction, look up the General on Ravelry.  This one's more on the normal side and it might make it onto the queue pretty soon.  

  • Interesting, but not tempting enough to add to the library were a Star Wars doubleknit scarf, a crocheted crown, a sweater with spinning wheels around the yoke, and a whole bunch of elaborate crocheted squares.

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