Thursday, April 9, 2015

I do not need more yarn

*(I do not need more yarn).  Repeat from * until you get it through your head that you do not need more yarn.

So I'm on Ravelry, adding the yarn I got today to my stash.  It's for the Arts and Crafts blanket.  I took a look at my queue, and this project immediately is put into hibernation at the bottom of the queue.

I started looking at what my Friends are up to.  I spot several skeins of yarn that are sooooo nice.  I do not need more yarn.  I do not need that pretty lavender with the matching Eiffel Tower project bag.  I have two colors of that Eiffel Tower fabric already and a bag made out of the pink.  Silly girl!

I also do not need more projects, but that's a bit more under control.  I am not doing the -a-long part of the Geek-a-long (button to your left).  I am collecting the patterns and having the button helps me get to where they are.  Yes, I did make a donation to their charity first, even though you don't have it.  It was only right to do so.  I may do this one in the future.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah...well joining the two groups on Facebook hasn't helped...I have ordered yarn from several indie dyers from those groups..and next week is spring break and I was just thinking...uhmmm...haven't been to WEBS in awhile...I don't need more yarn....but man I want it!