Sunday, April 5, 2015

Organized madness

I'm taking a minute to untangle my crazy queue.  If I put it here, I can find it again.
  • Mystery afghan squares-keep up
  • Alice in Wonderland pillow, Frieda bag, alternate with something that isn't a square
  • Tea Cosy, Guatemala bag, finish
  • Colorwork socks, pick yarn, start in May
  • Coexist Socks, Hitchhiker box bag, start in May
  • Oswin shawl, Jessalu Who bag, due 6/30, April portion done.
  • Name of the Doctor scarf, Tardis bag, enter in Pandorica for the month you think you can finish it
  • Pond Socks, Monty Python bag, save for  Who event
  • Spoilers Socks, Llama bag, save for Who event
  • Arts and Crafts blanket-project in hibernation until you finish most of this list
  • Nepal Mystery Shawl, do later
  • Cat Hoodie, do later
  • Mollie Makes flowerpot covers, do later

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