Saturday, April 25, 2015

Browsing again

Slipped Stitch Studios makes project bags that have tempted me from time to time.  They also offer stitch markers.  I have tons of stitch markers.  I have more than I'd ever use even if I had several complex projects going at once.  I did sign up for a stitch marker club.  This one is clever:  you get a charm bracelet and the stitch markers are on little lobster claw hooks.  If you want to enjoy your stitch markers, clip them onto the bracelet.  I'm thinking of getting a package of hooks and converting some of my favorite unused markers.

Cape Gingham is a free sock pattern I spotted on Ravelry.  The pattern's gingham and really cute.  It takes sport weight yarn which will make it more of a winter house socks sort of thing for me.

Coexist.  I have the tshirt with this on it:
Can't all fandoms just get along?  They might with a mystery knitalong on Ravelry.  It's part of Sock Knitters Anonymous.  The clues will be available weekly in May.  It is a choose your own adventure pattern.  There will be different options based on different fandoms.  There are several size options.  The pattern isn't set to fit every possible pattern and size together.  One will need to do some adjusting here and there.  It sounds like fun to me.

I'm off to browse some more.  I need to pick out yarn for Coexist.  I also need to find a free or inexpensive knit charting program.  I intend to make that Whovian Mitten pattern a bit more user friendly.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

I have that shirt! And today I am off to the CT Sheep and Wool..where I plan to buy an Avengers bag from Jessalu.