Friday, June 21, 2013

Finished objects!

Yay, some objects are actually finished. The Woodland Mittens collection is complete:


The latest Tour-de-Sock pattern's called Lebowski and Star Athena designed it based on The Dude's sweater. All the color combinations people are coming up with for this are great.

I was 11th this time. Eventually the moving up won't continue. I'm not being overly negative. There's a sock coming up requiring 500 beads for the pair. I can knit okay with beads. I just can't do it quickly.

Time to go visit Tami's Amis and see what other folks are finishing.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Great mittens! What is on the heel? I looked on the Rav pattern page and couldn't figure it your colors...

Paula said...

I think it's an eagle. I'll add a picture of it to the post. There probably aren't too many pictures of it out there because we had to take one of it on the inside of the sock. It was to show that we'd done it as intarsia instead of some other way.