Friday, August 31, 2012


I got an newsletter from a yarn company recently. It declared that novelty yarns are back. I don't think so. Once you've knit a scarf from one of these so-called yarns, you're done. There's nothing more to be done with them.

I'm on a housecleaning rampage and a bunch of what are going are novelty yarns. I admit I did buy a few of them on purpose for a project. Most of the others came from yarn grab bags. The grab bags came from a place that sells discontinued yarn and leftovers from discontinued yarn shops. If the yarn was desired by anyone, the yarn shops would've sold them and maybe still be in business.

I'm not buying any more, even if the yarn shops tell me all the cool kids a buying it. I don't want any more guilt about what's going into a landfill.

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