Friday, September 7, 2012

November Mittens

It's so odd to look at these mittens and see how clearly the pattern came out. when I'm knitting away and swapping colors, I don't see the patterns starting to appear.

I'm working on my six sock September projects. The Emoticon socks are done and they didn't come out all that great so no pictures. I'm switching back and forth between the Jedi Mind Trick pattern and the Funky Chicken (socks, not the dance). The Jedi socks are playing tricks with my brain so I need to take a break with a different pair. The pattern's not that difficult but I keep picking up stitches from the wrong place and not noticing for several rows.

The issue's further complicated with a new project. I was knitting at the laundromat yesterday. No, I still haven't gotten anyone to fix my leaky washer yet. Long story. Anyway, one of the women who works at the laundromat came over to check out what I was doing. She doesn't speak much English, so I didn't get the point across that I don't knit much for total strangers. Next thing I know, she's back with a hat. It is her favorite hat that has seen better days. She begged me to make her a new one and I guess I'm going to do it. She's so cheerful and helpful with her little tool that gets coins unstuck from the machine that I couldn't say no.

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