Saturday, September 22, 2012


I'm fairly good about not shopping like crazy. I give in to yarn I just have to have once in a while, but less often than it might sound from reading this blog. Once a year I allow myself to have a few more things because my birthday's next month. The packages are piling up and I'll open them on The Day.

My latest favorite yarn thing are spatter-dyed yarns. I don't know if that's the technical term. They've got random spots of contrasting colors. I've only seen a couple of dyers who do what I like. One is Lisa Souza. I actually bought enough yarn for a sweater from her (very rare for me). Great colors, great selection, fast shipping. Check her out at one of the Stitches shows. My new favorite is Cakewalk Yarns. Lots of yummy colors and that spattery effect I love. Two new skeins are on the way.

I've got a couple of knitting books arriving. One is the new Super Scary Mochimochi. I'm sure it'll have me dropping everything and digging through the leftover sock yarn for making monsters. The other is Chrissie Gardiner's Indie Socks.

I'm replacing the aging postal scale that I've been using for various fiber tasks. The new one gives the weight in both grams and ounces (yay, less math!), gives the weight in hundredths instead of tenths, and has a tare funcion. Plus, it's shiny.

I ordered a zipper so that I can finally finish and wear my Central Park Hoodie. I finished it back in January and dug it out last week. It still smells faintly of Soak.

Last (well, last for the moment) on the indulgence list is a skein of Wollmeise. I've always wanted to know what the big deal is about it. I'm waiting to hear from someone on Ravelry who is destashing. I figure it might take some time to hook up with someone who actually has the yarn ready to go, but that's okay. I read about the feeding frenzies in the places where they sell it online and I don't want to do it that way. I'm getting too slow on the keyboard in my old age, heehee.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I met Lisa at last years Stitches East...I'll be working it again this year..I bought her book and a skein of yummy yarn...I think it has that splatter-effect...I have a skein of Rhinebeck...that I won in a contest...and I have some Wollmeise that was gifted and I managed to get at The Loopy Ewe...

Now I've discovered new yarn and today ordered some from France and Australia....unlike you...I give in to my frequent urges...

Paula said...

If I was still working, I'm sure I'd give in to the urges a lot more.

I met Lisa at Stitches South a couple of years ago. Nice person and a really like her yarn.