Thursday, September 27, 2012

UFO Month on Paula's Planet

My sewing room is now clean and organized. It took several days, several big black trash bags and several naps. All of the yarn is now in the room. I keep going back and looking at it in amazement.

The one remaining issue is the number of UnFinished Objects. That room is where projects go to hibernate. Some of them involve a great deal of time but most of them don't. That's why I'm declaring October to be UFO month. Every day I will finish something. I'll also avoid starting new projects, but it isn't a fail if I do. No doubt some shiny object will catch my eye and I'll go chasing after it. I will finish something first before I chase it, though. Also, I get my birthday off (unless I actually want to finish something that day).


Gracey is not my name.... said...

No Nerd Wars?

Paula said...

Probably not. If something I'm doing matches up with a challenge, I'll do it Ninja-style.