Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mittens in August

This is the first of the mittens from the Knit Picks kit I got. This is October. See all the leaves? They were fun because the contrasting color changes about every 10 rows. The other mittens are similar in style with the color changes, only with different contrasting colors. The patterns are all different with themes relating to various months.

I finished the Sheep Carousel tea cosy. Pictures will follow when the teapot I got to go with it arrives. It had steeks in it where the handle and the spout go. I'd never done steeks before. You reinforce the area around where the steek goes and then you take a pair of scissors and cut a hole in your knitting. It's just as scary as it sounds. The stitches didn't hold together well at all. If I ever do another steek, I'll do the reinforcing with teeny tiny stitches on my sewing machine. It did work out okay in the end. The raw edges are sewn on the inside of the cosy and the wool threads kind of grabbed onto each other. Some I-cord trim goes around the openings which makes it look better and hold together better.

I'm working on the Colors of Provence socks right now. The big excitement will be to see if there will be enough yarn to finish a sock with a single ball of yarn. The leg portion is longer than what I usually make.

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