Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Do the Funky Chicken

SPOILER ALERT if you're in the Rockin Sock Club and haven't gotten the newest shipment.

When I pulled these yarns out of the package a little while ago, my first reaction was: wow, that's really ugly yarn.

They were all bundled together with a single band, which is why I reacted that way. It is actually 3 separate yarns. The inspiration for the yarn and this month's patterns is chickens. Both patterns have chickens on them. The sock pattern I think is called the Funky Chicken. I plan to use it for one of my Six Sock September projects. The second is a SpillyJane mitten pattern whose name escapes me. I plan to do that after I do the socks.

Ravellenics knitting continues at a brisk pace. I got the Tardis shawl blocked. It is really more of an oddly-shaped scarf than a shawl. It took far less time than I thought it would. The stripey look in the Tardis section actually came out pretty well. It is a bit like you're looking at a bunch of single frames of the Tardis moving through the Vortex. I don't have any pictures yet because I'm in weird sleep mode (all day instead of all night). I need daylight for a reasonable shot.

Color Affection is nearly to the start of the short rows. It's a lot more fun than I would've thought that much garter stitch could be.

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