Saturday, August 11, 2012

Only $.48 more

I was knitting away on a square for the Make Do and Mend pillow1 with some Knit Picks Palette.  It's this fingering weight yarn that is inexpensive, comes in approximately a zillion colors, and when I use it I actually do a reasonable job with colorwork.  No other yarn I've come across so far works that well for me.

While I was thinking about how much I like Palette, I remembered a circular needle I needed to replace.  It has bamboo tips which are fine but the metal joins catch the yarn.  Stiches do not slide at all and I said many bad words when I used it. I saw in a recent Knit Picks catalog that they had a new line of needles. The next thing you know, I was clicking away at the Knit Picks site.

I've probably said this before. The site has a little counter that tells you that if you spend only $x more, you get free shipping. I hadn't intended to pay any attention to it, but shipping on a single circular needle is ridiculous. You might as well buy something more to justify the shipping. This mitten kit I'd admired previously was on sale (six mitten patterns, 14 balls of Palette). That dropped the free shipping counter a long way, so I figured a couple more balls of Palette should do it. I picked up two colors for the Sheep Carousel tea cosy2.

Forty-eight cents more. I ended up buying a ball of wool/angora called Bare Hare.

1I was going to put that project off until I'd chipped away a little at the UFO/WIP projects.  Five rows to the sheep sweater put that idea to sleep.

2It's very cute. The fact that I rarely drink tea and that my teapot already has a Dalek tea cosy should not enter into this.

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