Saturday, November 20, 2010

Projects in the works

I'm actually going to have to buy yarn for my next two projects:

Gargoyles: My brother bought me a gargoyle for Christmas a long time ago. Ever since then, I've been drawn to the ugly-cute things. They can be found on bookshelves (musical snowglobe with a gargoyle in it) all the way into the kitchen (fridge magnets acquired in Paris). I found the cutest darn knit My Little Gargoyle pattern on Ravelry and now I must make it. I've got good buttons for the eyes, but no DK weight gray yarn.

Christmas socks: I have portions of a Christmas stocking pattern that my mother made about 50 years ago. She made them for all the kids in the extended family and for the offspring of many of her close friends. I want to reconstruct the pattern and post it online. No red, green, or white worsted weight wool.

Hmmm, which LYS do I visit?

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