Monday, November 8, 2010

Dream Dwelling

Today's prompt from the NaBloPoMo folks was to write about one's dream house. I thought about it a little bit, and realized to my surprise that I'm already living in it. A shabby little cottage might not be most people's dream, but it suits me.

Most of the dreams related to the house are now in reach. I've got a bit of cash to spare and will be using it to get some things fixed around here. I can also afford some storage pieces that will make things better. It's not exactly dreamy to have only two closets! I have a comfortable couch where I do a lot of knitting, but one of my cats has mistaken it for a scratching post. I can get it covered.

The one part of the house that's still in dream mode is the deck. I'd like to have it rebuilt as a screened-in porch or three season room. It's be great to have a sheltered place to knit and enjoy the fresh air and whatever crazy critters happen to visit.

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