Friday, November 12, 2010


I've been watching tv and not doing much else. I hurt my arm somehow and it interferes with any fiber fun. I rubbed some stuff on my arm to make it feel better. Now one of my cats has decided that she likes the arm stuff and has spent a good deal of time trying to lick it through my sleeve. Why don't I move her? It hurts my arm to do that.

Anyway, as I said, I've been watching tv. I happened on a commercial with fibery goodness. Conan O'Brien is in the far east somewhere, maybe India. He picks out some (silk?) thread and weaves a whole bunch of fabric. He dyes it, too. In the last scene, he's about to go out on stage, and the fabric he's created is the stage curtain. Pretty cool.


Paxie Amor said...

I myself love this commercial! It really embodies the love and care we crafters take with our projects and the pride we show in our finished items.

Also, it's just damned funny :D

Anonymous said...

Is there any real reason for him to lick the thread or is that just part of the humor?

Paula said...

My guess is that it was a funny way to check the fiber quality. I've never heard of a lick test in the real world.