Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excuses, excuses

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This is what arrived in the mail yesterday. I can explain away most of it. I think this may be the most fiber and yarn to arrive in months. Honestly.

Black fiber in the foreground is attached to a cat and is not a part of my fiber 'problem'.

One of the two bags of spinning fiber behind the cat was ordered several months ago. The bag next to it was a freebie. Freebies are never a problem.

The green fiber batt and the yellow/pink/green sock yarn in front of it are swap gifts. Gifts are never a problem. Swaps are a problem in that I sometimes buy one thing for my partner and one for myself. I'm cutting back on swaps to minimize this.

The rest of the yarn plus the needles and patterns were from a grab bag. It was an impulse buy of something that could only be had for a short time. This could be a problem if I don't stop. Which I will. Most of this yarn went into the trade or sell category on Ravelry.

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