Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Solstice Slip

I used a needle size larger than what was called for, which may not have been necessary. I also ended them one row before what was called for to make sure there was plenty of room at the top. That worked great. Binding off in pattern gave them a cute ruffly top.

The new project is the Bumblebug socks using the yarn I got in the most recent Hogwort's swap. The Hufflepuff yarn I got was a big hank of yellow and a smaller one of black. I would like to make them out of the yellow alone. It looks like there will be enough yellow to do this. I know it's not completely in the spirit of the swap to use just one of the house colors, but they are my socks and I'll do what I like. So there. I got through the heel and discovered a mistake in the first pattern repeat, so I frogged and started again. I tried the sock on pre-frog and it fit pretty well. The second time I did the top ribbing in needles two sizes up from the rest of the sock, so that should correct the only fit issue.

I'll be going to the previous Hogwart swap for the next pair. I'll use the Ravenclaw yarn and the pattern for doing two socks at once. I've not tried this before, so it'll be fun to learn something new.

Here are the latest things that I want and can't justify buying right now. Mmmm, pretty needles (drool).

My brother's in Chile on vacation. Before he left, I asked if he saw any yarn in his travels that his sister likes yarn. Any kind. Any color. I also reminded him how I brought his favorite beer back from France last time I was there. He said he'd get me some alpaca. Mmmm, alpaca (drool). It would be cool to get any sort of yarn from a place I've never been.

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