Sunday, August 19, 2007

The dangers of link-clicking

First of all, I will be putting all possible energies into the job hunt starting Monday. Tomorrow's Monday.

Earlier today/tonight/whatever it is, I went to Swap-bot to get my partners' names for a knit pattern swap. I checked each profile to see what they might be into, knit-wise. One of them has a blog.

I went to the blog. It mentioned something called Yarn Wars. I was immediately curious, having participated in a Yarn War several months ago. This isn't the same thing. It's something started by Lime & Violet. Since I recently got DSL, I wanted to check out their podcasts. That was two reasons to go.

I went to Lime & Violet. I read the details on KnitWars. I clicked the link to sign up.

That brought me to Chore Wars. It is a site that turns doing housework into an adventure game. Since I nearly always turn housework into a game, albeit a boring one, I read on. Modifications have been made for this group, turning it into Adventures in the Land of Lime and Violet YARN RAIDERS. I signed up. I already have 1 experience point for reading the directions. While reading the directions, there were several mentions of Ravelry. I had to know know more.

I went to Ravelry. They're in beta and have a whole queue of people waiting for an invitation to play. It looked vaguely familiar. Since they had someplace where you could find out where you are on the list, I checked it out. Yup, I signed up for it about six weeks ago. D'oh! There are about 3500 people ahead of me on the list, so I don't expect to be distracted by it any time soon. (There are more than 13,000 behind me, so for some reason I don't feel bad about this).

Tomorrow later today (it's Sunday here) I'll dye the yarn for the dyed yarn Swapbot swap. I'll get Yarn Raider points for doing that. When it is dry, I'll get points for winding it up. Which I won't do until I've checked all my job hunting sites. Honest.

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