Monday, August 20, 2007

Hufflepuff socks and pink tomatoes

These are the socks I made with the yellow part of the Hufflepuff yarn. I've decided that I have to do some more work on foot fit going forward. The leg part fits fine but the feet are big.

I dyed the yarn for my Swap-bot person. She likes red so I thought that a dye called Ripe Tomato would do the trick. ::bzzzzzzt:: wrong! I had the good sense to test little bits of the yarn first. Ripe Tomato got me a really nice shade of pink. Unfortunately, my person does not like pink. I think she may have tried to dye yarn red herself to know to mention this. Heh heh heh. At least I'll know to use Ripe Tomato next time I want a nice shade of pink. I'd never thought to try it otherwise. I ended up doing a color for my person I call B&B (buttercup and blueberry). Watch this space for a picture to be posted when it is dry. I hope she likes it. I know she'll like it more than pink.

I got a couple of balls of aMaizeing yarn, this stuff that's made out of corn. I thought I'd try making socks out of it. ::bzzzzzzt:: wrong! It's DK weight which is a bit on the thick side for the sort of socks I like. I found a pattern on the web that worked pretty well, except I ran out of yarn 3/4 of the way down the foot. After a quick hop into the frog pond, now I've got to find something else to do.

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