Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Work in Progress Wednesday. Not.

Yarnia squares are all up to date and the new pattern will appear over the weekend.

Rant begins:
I bought a series of sock patterns and am officially not going to do any more of them.  There were a couple of technical issues with one or two that I could live with.  What I could not live with was the most recent one.  The designer was unable to upload the pattern as we were meant to get it.  What we got did not have a picture.  She posted the picture on a social media site where I do not have an account.  If I'd had the picture, it would have been instantly clear that the written instructions for the heel did not work.  Apparently one needed to do two pages of math calculations to have it come out correctly.  We were not even given a link to this heel pattern.  It is supposed to correct a fit problem that I don't even have.  And did I mention that it was a short sock and the pattern called for a 420 yard skein of yarn? 

Life is too short to knit badly written patterns.
Rant ends.

I went back to working on my Harley sweater which I should not have done after my sock tantrum.  When I started losing stitch markers and spent more time swearing than knitting, I knew it was time to stop.  I'll leave it alone until the longer needle appears.

Yarn for Tour de Sock is mostly selected and in project bags.   I wasn't able to use a lot of sponsor yarn (team gets extra points if you do).  I did make my goal of selecting one Doctor Who-themed yarn for each sock, though.  Did I post that already?  Time for this crabby knitter to go fix some dinner.

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