Wednesday, June 14, 2017

WIP Wednesday

Yarnia blanket:  The squares with borders on them are not exactly from the Yarnia project.  They are by the same designer with a border someone invented to make the squares the same size as the blanket squares.  I'm doing 8 of these.  I think a 6 x 8 square blanket (48 squares) will work out better than a 5 x 8 (40 squares).

These socks are the Tour de Sock warmup pattern.  If they are done with two nicely contrasting solid yarns, they are really pretty. If they are not, you get Zombie Kitty:

The main color is Lorna's Laces Zombie BBQ, which I won in a drawing a couple of TdS ago.  The contrast is Wollmeise So Long Kitty.  That's where the name came from.

I have not worked on Harley this week.  I did get the new needle yesterday and I did get a picture of what's done so far.  The neckband is a braid (sandwiched between two cables) and the same braid runs down both sleeves.  The body/sleeve increases are done the either side of little cables:

Welcome Blanket is still waiting for the yarn to arrive from the UK any day now.

Frida Kathlo will be started just as soon as either Zombie Kitty or Harley does something to make me want to scream and throw things.  I discovered that I have just about enough yarn left from the Professor Meow sweater to make her.  Seems like the right use for the yarn.

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