Friday, July 10, 2015

OMG Swap arrived

I can't believe the stuff in this swap.  My partner not only managed to find some Arne&Carlos, she crocheted like crazy.  Here's some of the things:
The pink and black object is a Dalek kitchen towel, one of those that you can button around a handle.
The gray creature holding a rose is a Bad Wolf.
The blue and white thing is a Tardis yarn bowl.
In front of that is a Star Whale.
In front of that is a mini Adipose.
Opposite that is the Are You My Mummy boy, complete with gas mask!
In front is a shawlette decorated with little flowers.

She also made me some Jelly Babies (crocheted ones) and another yarn bowl.  There are a dozen mini yarn skeins, too.  Now this is only the fiber-related stuff.  There were more things besides.  I'm totally blown away.  If anyone's looking for me, I'm off to make a cup of coffee to have with the cookies I got.  I'll be doing that while I read the Doctor Who book and magazine.