Thursday, July 9, 2015

Empty mailbox and yarn mischief

I've been waiting semi-patiently for my Doctor Who swap to arrive.  I was starting to worry since the swaps were all supposed to be out no later than ten days ago.  I looked at the participants list and there are a bunch of us who haven't gotten them yet.  I'll stop worrying.  If my spoiler happens to read this, I'm not worried about you.  I have letter carrier problems periodically.  The people who lived in the address one number off from mine moved out a couple of weeks ago.  I keep imagining that packages for me are sitting on their doorstep or being forwarded to them.

I think a yarn club shipment may be missing.  It also could be that it was sent a month ago and I managed to not get it into my Ravelry stash.  More investigation is in order before I bother the club person.

I went over to Etsy and checked on two different rainbow-ish yarns that I've been wanting.  I broke down and did special requests for both.  We shall see what becomes of that.  The little devil that screams "BUY YARN" is much louder than the "you don't need more yarn" angel right now.  I might have to go and order some more to get it to shut up.  :)

ETA:  I've now got a big box on the way from Knit Picks.   Most is for the Doctor Who Xmas sock and the rest is for completing the mystery garden afghan.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

I'm now on yarn lock down until I go to Norway...I was doing pretty good and then saw a couple fun skeins....pencil yarn, Marviv the Martian...for Martian socks to wear to the movie in the fall....and I got some sparkly yarn....yes I broke down after blog gin about it....oh and I just remembered there was something else...need to see if I got those or not....