Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Frida Finish

The only thing I have completely done this week are my Frida mittens.  They probably shouldn't count because I was too darn lazy to block them before taking a picture.
I'm sure they'd look a whole lot better if I'd do that.

I broke down and started a pair of socks with one of the Arne & Carlos yarns.  I've knit half a foot (half of the foot, not six inches) and am still watching for the pattern in the yarn to repeat.  Some small sections have appeared more than once, but not the whole thing. 

I thought my shopping attack was over, but apparently not.  I bought a sock pattern this morning.  Just what I needed, right?  I think it is called Time Warp and it looks like it has tilting Tardises on it.  It was on sale, half price, so I had to buy it.

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