Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stash Enhancement Saturday

I've been shopping.

This is A Day in Stars Hollow.  The color's a bit more saturated than the picture shows.  I have no specific plans for it yet.  It's from NeelysKnits. 
This was a purchase on a whim.  It's Opal self-patterning sock yarn and I liked the colors.
Iceland in Crystal Pink from Crystal Palace Yarns.  I may have plans for this but I'm not sure I bought enough.

Startitis continues.  There are project bags everywhere. 

  • I frogged the Doctor Who Christmas sock and plan to restart it with better yarn once I acquire some.  

  • I started the Frida Mittens and had to put them down.  The colors are so close that I need to be knitting them only in daylight.  

  • I started the Mystery Yarn Ball shawl.  I may be doing it a bit differently than it is written because my yarn balls aren't quite right for the pattern.  They should be messier with lots of yarn tails.  I'll probably end up weaving the tails in and reversing the right side and wrong side.  I like it, though.

  • I found a pattern on Ravelry that uses two different balls of self-striping yarn for socks.  This is my next startitis victim.

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    Gracey is not my name.... said...

    I'm trying NOT to start more.....but I know I'll probably start another vanilla sock for my trip...I don't want to bring anything complicated or bulky....