Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stitch Along Wednesday

I bounced around a lot of project this week.

  • 64 Colors afghan:  ran out of yarn with half of the last strip to go.  This is on hold until the yarn appears.

  • Van Gogh mini pillow:  started it, developed a counting problem, put it back down.  I picked it up later with a lot more success.

  • Doctor Who messenger bag:  decided I didn't like the fabrics I picked out for it.  It's on hold until I get an idea that I like better.

  • Russian dolls project bag:  decided I didn't want to work on it until I could have a sew-a-thon with it and the Doctor Who bag.

  • Curtain re-knit:  I found the leftover yarn but not the pattern which had stitch counts and things scrawled on it.  I misremembered the number of stitches that I cast on last time.  I put it back down until I feel like casting on all those stitches again.

  • Mystery afghan:  I made last week's squares.  I remembered to print out today's clue.  Progress!

  • Looks like I'm at least a week away from having anything done.


    Beth Coleman said...

    You sound like me - sometimes it's hard to stick with one project - especially if it's not going well! A lot of times, though, all I need is a break to get back on track. Thanks for sharing!

    Gracey is not my name.... said...

    Project ADD....I know it well....

    Chrisknits said...

    Gracey beat me to it! LOL. Sounds like me some days.

    Emily said...

    I too have sooo much stuff going on ... but just keep plugging away! You can do it!