Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crayons in the night

I had another one of my late-night shopping attacks last night.  It wasn't Ravelry that set it off.  This time it was Twitter.  There was a tweet about  a cool afghan pattern called 64 Crayons.  It uses Noro Kureyon (the yarn name was named after crayon).  I love Noro.  I know that some people think it is too scratchy and the thickness is not consistent enough.  Those things don't bother me at all.  I love the colors and enjoy the texture.  I read some of the comments people had made about the pattern and how addictive it is to make.  I started clicking around and discovered that Little Knits had Kureyon on sale for 30% off.

Yes, the yarn for this is on the way.  I got the confirmation email a little while ago.  At the same time, an email came from Slipped Stitch Studios.  Their project bag of the month is based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Stop me before I shop some more.  Ni!  Ni!  Ni!

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Chrisknits said...

Not gonna stop you! Who would even rain on your parade! Go for it!!!