Friday, January 3, 2014

Whovian Mittens

This was posted on my web page several years ago. The web page was has disappeared. Weird! Someone asked me about it so here it is again. It's been a stressful day so prettier graphs and a pdf version will have to wait for a calmer time.

Whovian Mittens

Materials: Knit Picks Palette, 1 ball each Ash, Edamame, Turmeric, Cream, Eggplant, Thicket, Masala, Jay
You will only need a small amount of each.

Size 2/2.5 mm double-pointed or circular needles

Gauge: 8 stitches/11 rows to 1 inch

These are adult-sized.

For Mittens or Fingerless mittens, with Thicket, cast on 60 stitches. Work in K1, P1 rib for 12 rounds. Switch to Eggplant and knit 1 round. Begin following the chart.

Thumb opening occurs at the * on the chart. For the right thumb, knit 31. For the left thumb, knit 19. Knit the next 10 stitches onto a scrap of yarn. Move the 10 stitches back to the left needle and finish the row. Continue following the chart to the **.

For fingerless mittens, switch to Thicket and work K1 P1 around for 5 rounds. Bind off in ribbing.

For mittens, start decreases: With Thicket, knit 30, place a marker, finish the round. Starting with this round and repeating every other round, ssk, K to 2 stitches before marker, K2 tog, slip marker, ssk, K to 2 stitches before end of round, K2 tog. Continue to both follow the chart and perform the decreases until 20 stitches remain. Graft the top closed.

Remove the scrap yarn, carefully picking up the 10 stitches above and below the thumb hole. Using Turmeric, knit the first 10 stitches, make 2 stitches, knit the next 10 stitches, make 2 stitches. If you are using dpns, move the stitches around so they are evenly distributed (24 stitches total).

For fingerless mittens, knit 9 more rounds with Turmeric. Switch to Thicket. K1 P1 for 5 rounds and bind off in ribbing.

For mittens, knit 1 stitch with Turmeric. Add Masala and knit 7 stitches. Finish round with Turmeric, carrying the Masala along with short floats (catch the yarn about every three stitches). Refer to the chart and knit a single Dalek on the thumb. Break off Masala and knit one more row with Turmeric. Switch to Thicket and begin decreases:

1: Ssk, k8, k2 tog, repeat from *.
2: 4, 6: Knit around.
3: Ssk, k6, k2 tog, repeat from *.
5. Ssk, k4, k2 tog, repeat from *.
7. Ssk, k2, k2 tog, repeat from *.

Graft the top closed. Make a second mitten for the other hand. Weave in the ends.

Stripe Blank/Background X/Pattern Bottom half of Tardis Eggplant Jay Top half of Tardis Cream X is Jay O is Turmeric

All single stripes Thicket - K9 Edamame Ash Dalek Turmeric Masala Bowtie Ash Eggplant Jim the Fish Masala Edamame Mitten top Thicket -


Tara Wiggins said...

these are great, can't wait to make them :)

sue said...

thank you - I used open office writer( free) copied and saved as a pdf, cant wait to try them :)