Sunday, January 12, 2014

Unintentional Yarn Shopping

Hey Blogger? Could you get your act together and start supporting the latest release of IE? I can't imagine why you don't and why you're giving me error messages. You won't let me upload pictures. Kindly cut it out. not much love, Paula

My intentions were good. Well, kind of good. I decided to sign up for Ravellenics, Team Tardis. I'm going to do The Name of the Doctor scarf. It's a cool design done in double knit with laceweight yarn. I thought I had enough leftover blue yarn in my stash for a lot of it. I was wrong.

I was going to do the Trillian shawl with some long-stashed yarn. It turns out that I clicked the wrong version of the yarn when I entered it in Ravelry. The corrected yardage showed that I didn't have enough. I don't have enough of anything else, either.

I headed over to Knit Picks. It was the usual deal: why spend money on shipping if I can buy more yarn with the money and get it shipped for free? The scarf yarn's on the way, along with some for Trillian, plus some Felici sock yarn in a Halloween-ish colorway. The last one should be the only one to actually go into my stash. We shall see.

I talked myself out of the cat hoodie for the moment. I finished one of the six socks in progress. Then I pulled out some Sugar n Cream and am knitting a potholder as double knitting progress.

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Sure, sure, like you needed an excuse! I have to go get a needle at my LYS today, wonder if I'll come home with any yarn?