Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Not knitting along

I just bailed on the Downton Abbey KAL. I survived the drama when there were problems with the first set of clues. I was really close to being done with them after clarifications were posted. Then I made the mistake of reading the Ravelry forum for the KAL. The picture of one part of the pattern looked NOTHING like what I had knit. The stitch count I had at the end was one off of what I was supposed to have.

Someone asked a question that I also had about the pattern. The answer was to do the pattern as written. I did the pattern as written and got it wrong. More than once. I got more than one completely different wrong result.

I'm not an expert knitter, but I do have decades (really) of experience. If I can screw up something up this badly, it's time to frog the yarn and save it for something that makes me happy. I don't need anything new to stress out about.

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