Thursday, January 23, 2014

At It Again

It being late night yarn shopping.

Step 1: I favorited a cute double-knit pillow pattern on Ravelry. The designer gave me the pattern as a gift because I was the 60th person to favorite the pattern. That's a special number to her. Cool!

Step 2: I head for my stash. Nope, nothing in the right color and yardage.

Step 3: After trying a couple of other options, I head for Knit Picks. They've got tons of colors and their prices are inexpensive.

Step 4: I decide to take a quick look through my Ravelry queue to see if there are some other things I can pick up. I get yarn for the Counting Crows mittens. I find enough yarn in stash for the Tardis Tam. I have some of the yarn for the Amaryllis Mittens, so I buy what I'm missing.

Step 5: I'm still short for free shipping. The amount I'm short is almost exactly the sale price of the newest Mochimochiland book.

Step 6: Clickty-click.

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