Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lost: one mind, slightly used

I bailed on the Shawl of Doom after about 150 rows.  It would appear that I don't loathe myself enough to finish it.  Since Life Is Too Short To Knit With Ugly Yarn, I tossed all of it out.  It was really bad yarn.  Even very poor knitters with no yarn at all would not want it.  I hope the EPA doesn't come after me for throwing it in the trash.  Part of it was from a project I started on a whim, much like I started on the Shawl of Doom.  Part of it was from a grab bag.  Theoretically this should discourage me from doing things on a whim, like buying yarn in grab bags or starting projects just because they make me laugh.

You know what's coming next, don't you?  I joined another sock yarn club on a whim not ten minutes ago.  It was a Ravelry ad that got me.  I don't like ads at all.  I mute them when they are on tv.  I grit my teeth when they blink at me online.  I routinely delete spam without opening it.  Then there are Ravelry ads.  They are frequently focused on me as if they were made with me in mind.  I was patting myself on the back for staying out of the Tour de Fleece discount thread.  There's serious temptation there and I've avoided it so far.  I started reading something in Team Browncoat's thread.  Note that there is no connection between the television shows Firefly and Doctor Who.  Okay, there is Mark Sheppard, but you can connect him to virtually any cool show. 

Where was I?  I hit the bottom of the page in a Browncoat thread and there was an ad for The Ladies of Who.1  It's a sock yarn club that I avoided in the past because it includes a handmade necklace in each shipment.  I'm not much of a necklace person.  This round of the club included my favorites2 so all resistance was overcome.  The last shipment should arrive around my birthday, so that's going to be my official excuse.  I do have gifting possibilities for the necklaces, so it isn't that bad. 

Keep telling yourself that, kid.

1I went back to Ravelry for the link to the club and was immediately presented with an ad for a craft tour appropriately called Provence Temptations.   It is based out of Australia, so a serious whim attack has been thwarted.  Darn you, Ravelry ads!
2Harriet Jones, Sally Sparrow, Sarah Jane Smith

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