Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Floss on a Tardis

I've got a bad case of second sock syndrome. Is there a good case of it? I don't know. What I do have is two completed socks that are not related to each other plus one more pattern I wanted to do. I pushed them all out of the way and tried the needle felted dogs. The results were not good so I pushed the needle felting supplies to one side. I managed to get through one sheep repeat on my sheep sweater before burning out on it. I took a nap and decided that cross stitch might be fun. I'd happened upon a web page where one could print out your own Tardis-shaped floss bobbins. What a fun thing for the embroidering Whovian:

Card stock wasn't heavy enough on its own, so I doubled them with a bit of glue stick. I expect to get the cross stitch project done before Tour de Fleece starts on Saturday. It should take until then to clear away all the half-done knitting projects.

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