Thursday, March 31, 2011


Where are they now?

I decided to look for something I'd posted about in the early days of this blog. Unfortunately, my computer is old and slow (much like its owner). I lost patience with Blogger and switched over to Ravelry. It was pretty easy to find early projects there, but finding the actual physical project was another tricky adventure. I'm a process knitter. Once the sock knitting process is complete, the socks get stashed in whatever sock stashing location still has room in it.
I pulled out a big dresser drawer full of socks. I didn't find any early socks in it. After removing a cat from the place where the drawer was supposed to go, I headed for the closet. The plastic bin full of currently used socks didn't have anything old in it. I tried a suitcase. I found a cute pair of origami slippers that I'm currently wearing. I found a couple of pair of socks that I really liked and have zero memory of making. At the bottom of the suitcase, I came up with these Snowflake Socks by Anni Design. They were part of Sockamania, a knitalong where Anni provided the pattern. I don't know if these knitalongs are still going on, but they were in 2007 when I made these and a couple of other pair.

The green has now bled into the white. The white's quite soft and makes me think it may be the merino with a little silk in it from Knit Picks. I didn't record the yarn in Ravelry for some reason, so I can't be sure.

There's no big dramatic revelation as a result of this exercise. I've learned that if I've got something with holes in it, I should toss it out and dig something new out of the bottom of a suitcase.


Caffeine Girl said...

Those are very cute socks! It is frustrating when yarn bleeds. Reminds me that I should always set my colorwork in vinegar!

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

I laughed when reading about your socks. Maybe we should get yours and mine together and make a bonfire of our old socks. !! Your new rav friend, Nancy