Sunday, March 7, 2010

To Do List

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  • Find the appropriate yarn for swap secret item. This should be Job 1 because of timing issue.
  • Iron Knitter sock #4. Doesn't have to be done until 3/20. Fool people into thinking you've slowed down. Mwahahahahaha!
  • Mystery Knitalong (see picture). Both socks done on both clues. Watch for clue 3 to appear. Kit for the April knitalong is on the way. Make sure your smallest steel crochet hook fits through the beads.
  • Finish Home Sweet Home sign.
  • When the rest of this list is done, gracefully admit defeat on another Winter Olympics sweater. The one from four years ago is frogged and the yarn waiting for a new project (pretty yarn, too bulky for a sweater for a bulky person). The one finished last week is gi-freaking-normous. The plan's to transform it into a Central Park Hoodie.
  • Paintbox quilt square for this week and last week. Fabric's been chosen and just needs to be cut.
  • Latest incarnation of the sock project bag (now with see-through bottom).
  • Project bag for swap person. Remember the timing issue and get cracking!

    Okay, pancakes first, then I get cracking.
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