Friday, March 19, 2010

FO Friday

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I got the idea of posting my finished objects once a week from somebody's blog. I didn't think I had that many UFOs until I saw that this pair of Iron Knitter socks was the only thing I completed in the past week. The design's called Maeve and the picture doesn't show how cool and intricate it actually is.

Active UFOs (things I actually intend to complete and not things that are stuffed in plastic bags and stashed behind the chair in the sewing room):

  • Paintbox Quilt: I'm up to date on my squares. One more week to go on square making. I have the fabric and batting to complete it.
  • Social Butterfly Socks: I'm done through the current clue, 4.
  • What Happens in Vegas Socks: KAL starts April 9. I've got clue 1 and have finished it.
  • Project bags: one for me, one for someone else. They are mostly cut out except for the fabric I needed for the someone else bag. I got that fabric yesterday.
  • Stackable Cats: One of the three is done, except I need to resew the front legs. The second needs to have the pieces felted. The third has the body complete, but nothing else.
  • Central Park Hoodie: ready for swatching.
  • Iron Knitter sock 5: Clue gathering starts at 1700 today. Yarn selected and wound into cakes. Swatching complete!

Looks like there are several possible pictures for next week.

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Linda said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog. I also like to knit socks.

I'm impressed with all your projects. They should keep you busy.