Friday, March 26, 2010

FO Friday

It's been a good week for insomnia, but not much good for anything else. Here's what I finished:
Project bags. One to add to my collection, one for someone else.

Lace and Cables socks, aka Iron Knitter pair #5.

Active UFOs:

  • Paintbox Quilt: All 80 squares are done. Waiting for next instruction to be posted. May replace the sashing/backing fabric with nicer stuff than what I bought originally.
  • Social Butterfly Socks: Clue 6 has yet to be done.
  • Stackable Cats: Knitting is done. Felting will be done today.
  • Central Park Hoodie: is now the Susie Hoodie instead. Swatching done. Cast on is done but nothing else at the moment.
  • Iron Knitter sock 6: The pattern for sixth and final pair will be released tomorrow. This woman in Louisiana is crazy fast and will undoubtedly win the competition. I'll knit them anyway.
  • Know It All Bag: It's from the new Knitty. It has a built pattern display/row counter. I haven't yet scraped together the money for the electronics, but I expect that'll happen pretty soon. I'm spinning one of the bag yarns, and this is about 75%done.

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