Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yarn Dash

"Play Yarn Dash" said the Ravery ad. I'm miserable from the heat and don't feel like touching anything fibery. "It's free". Okay, it's something I can afford. Clickety click, I sign up and start to play.

It's a game that runs from the 15th of the month to the end. Shop owners donate prizes and hide a graphic on their site. You have a list of sites to visit. Some of the sites will give you a hint where to find the graphic. One didn't, so it took a little longer to find. It looks like there can be up to 30 shops in each monthly Dash. There were only six or seven this month. I imagine that once the word gets around that there should be lots more shops and players.

There was much temptation, but I've resisted it thus far. One of those sites had mmmmmMalabrigo on sale. It had really good prices on Malabrigo sock yarn. I whimpered, then reminded myself that it's 95 degrees out and I don't want to be fonding wool.

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