Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tour de Fleece

This is another fiber challenge designed to parallel a sporting event. This time it is the Tour de France (that's a bike race, in case you've managed to never hear of it). Participants spin daily on July 4 through 26, with rest days on Monday July 13 and Monday July 20. When the bicycle people are struggling through the mountains on July 26, we're required to do something especially challenging.

I'll be putting on a white rookie jersey and spinning along this year. My main goal is to spin a little bit every day of the Tour. I am doing this as a stress reliever and to improve my spinning. I will pull out those spinning books I just had to have and see what I can do on the improvement end. I'll mostly use my drop spindle. For my challenge day, though, I'm going to be brave and try my wheel.

I'm going to finish spinning the finger roving that Miz Libby gave to me ages ago. If I need more, I'll card some of the lamb fleece and use it. The alpaca I got at Stitches South and the yummy Alaskan fleece I got in my last Knitter's Holiday swap are going to remain untouched until I get better at this.

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