Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time to Dye

I like yarn with different colors in each skein. Solid colors are boring. They are, however, more practical for the kinds of patterns I like to knit. I ended up frogging my Viper Pilots because they'd look so much better in a lighter solid/semi-solid than in the dark-with-bright-splashes I started with. I like this pattern a lot, so I've got to find something else to use.

I also have several Cookie A patterns I want to do. Amazon says her book will be here next week, so I'm sure that'll compound the problem. What's a solid-avoiding person on a strict yarn diet supposed to do?

Dye. I've got a several Knit-Picks Bare skeins in the stash, and a whole bunch of Country Colors dyes. If I'm a good girl and get the things done tomorrow that I've been avoiding, my reward will be dyeing all of it. Now all I have to do is choose colors. One color per skein, scout's honor.

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