Saturday, March 14, 2009


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I almost always finish a pair of socks before starting another pair. I've never suffered much from second sock syndrome, where you knit one of a pair and never get around to completing the other. This week was different. I was working on Primavera (the purple sock). I knew I was going to spend a bunch of time sitting around waiting for my car to be fixed, so I wanted to have plenty of low concentration knitting to do. I decided to start Rivendell (the green sock) so I'd have an at-home project to work on.

I knew that Sock Madness was about to start, so at least one of the socks needed completion to free up the needles. (Yes, I have lots of stitch holders and could move the socks to them. I didn't want to.) I got them both done and then realized that Sock Madness was still a week away. I had to have something to do until then! I started Cachoeira from the Spring issue of Knitty. With half of the foot to go, I've put Cachoeira down to do a mini sock.

It isn't second sock syndrome, it's a short attention span.

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