Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great Knitspectations

The divisions on Sock Madness 3 all have literary names. I am in Great Knitspectations with 49 other players. The first socks only require about 300 yards of yarn. I knitspect (heh heh) that the pattern will be lacy, short, or both. The pattern's supposed to show up on Thursday morning.

The pattern intended (heh heh) for the Intentions yarn should show up in the newsletter sometime today. I've got three second socks (that's the second sock in a pair, not socks knit in three seconds) to finish.

It'll be interesting to see what gets worked on in what order. Sock Madness will go to the top of the queue when it shows up. Intentions will probably go to the bottom of the queue, but that could change once I see the pattern. I picked the sock from the new Knitty to finish first, because it doesn't call for the needles I think I'll need for Sock Madness. I really should step away from the computer and pick up the pointy sticks.

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