Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bagged and Tagged

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With over a week to go until Sock Madness* begins, I'm on top of things. I carefully went through the list of possible yarns needed and found them ALL in my stash. Those that needed winding are in tidy little cakes. Each is in it's own project bag**. Each project bag has a tag on it, explaining which socks should be knit from that yarn. You'd think that somebody would like to have an employee who is so thorough. Until I find that somebody, I'll be here, knitting socks.

*That's Sock Madness upper case. sock madness lower case is pretty much ongoing.

**It's nice to have an excuse to have so many project bags. "Only" 5 of them are my own creation. The dragon (bottom), green and silver striped, and green bag behind the monkeys were all swap gifts.

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