Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Roundup

I'm about a half mile ahead of my goal for the sock marathon.

I knit something for charity.

I did not buy myself any yarn at all this month. Stitches South is next month, though. If I manage to get my paws on a little cash, I may go off the strict yarn diet.

If I was still competing in Sock Madness 3, I'd still be in the running. Did that make sense?

Only one sock lacks a mate.

Sock Innovation showed up yesterday. If you are a sock knitter, go and buy it. It is excellent. I may design my own socks using the information Cookie A gives in her book. I am more likely to set that mateless Rivendell sock aside and cast on one of the book socks. Both Bex and Sunshine are calling to me.

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