Saturday, June 28, 2008

I should be committed

This is a list of upcoming knitting commitments. I should've done this sooner, as I see I am going to be in trouble when 08/08/08 runs around. Oh, well, at least there will be plenty of Olympic coverage on the tee vee.

  • ongoing: Slow Bee Mystery. Catch up with clues 7 and 8 before clue 9 appears on Friday July 4.
  • June 30: Knitter's Holiday, Ice Cream. Deadline for mailing package. Two sewing projects. done
  • July 1: Sock Knitter's Pentathalon, sock 3. Be ready to get the pattern around noon.Bailed on this, since I can't knit the sock correctly and also have it fit me. Why knit a sock that I can't wear?
  • July 15: Project Runway. At least this doesn't involve making anything. Each of us in a group is assigned a designer. The person whose designer wins PR gets prezzies from each of the rest of us. I'll be watching anyway, so why not?

    Olympic Yarn Smackdown, yarn and needle requirements posted.
  • July 20: sign up for Hat Attack 2. Two different colors of Therapi purchased from YarnZone (15% discount with code HA2, woo hoo!). Attack starts September 16.
  • July 31: Knitter's Holiday, EZBD. Watch for partners to be posted. EZBD is Elizabeth Zimmerman's birthday. The package we'll create will be themed around EZ and knitting inspiration.
  • August 4 or 5: Olympic Yarn Smackdown. Targets assigned.
  • August 8: Olympic Yarn Smackdown. Patterns on Yahoo after 5pm EDT. I'm competing under Advanced Sock (simultaneously in Sock Put in the Knitting Olympics Trials), Crochet Amigurumi (simultaneously in Amigurumi Toss in Knitting Olympics Trials), Granny Square, and Goofy categories. I have not lost my mind. It's long gone.
    Knitting Olympics Trials. Sam the Ram is my main project under Amigurumi Toss. I must sit down and make lots of little pattern charts and stitch counts before this begins if I have even the remotest chance of succeeding.
  • September, date tba: Super Sock Scarefest. Finish the project bag you're donating as a prize. Get the beads for the coordinating stitch markers. Take pictures and post on Ravelry. done

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