Saturday, June 7, 2008

Project Progress

Sock Wars death should occur within the next week. I expect to have to knit one more pair of Detonators from scratch. Depending on a number of factors, I might be working on one more pair beyond that. I'll have matched the number of kills from the last war. I'll be getting really nice socks knit in very nice yarn. Then I won't think about any of this nonsense until Hat Attack II, which obviously won't be socks.

Slow Bee Mystery continues. I got clue 4 done just hours before clue 5 was posted. It's not perfect, but the mistakes aren't huge and glaring. I have no need for a beaded shawl, but it is a whole lot of fun to knit.

Ravelry has got me organizing my stash. I've been in denial about how much yarn there is around here, but at least I can find things now. The UFOs all* live in a big black Lion Brand tote bag that somebody gave me in a swap. It reminds me of the monolith in 2001 A Space Odyssey. It makes strange humming noises that sound like "finish usssssss, you must finish usssssss!".

*This is a lie. There are several in the knitting basket plus a sweater in a tote bag stuffed behind a chair.


Roseann said...

Thank you for your helpful Sock Wars III comment on my blog. I am still alive and was wondering where my next socks might be coming from. You are getting "killed" with some very pretty socks, I saw them on Holly's blog.

Paula said...

There's no clear answer to your question. My death will occur sometime next week. There are also socks on the way to me. If they arrive before Holly's death socks arrive, I'll finish them and launch them. They are intended for Pammy Knits/Pamela Wheat. This is what I expect will happen.

If the death socks arrive first, I'll send the Pammy Knits socks to you.

If I do finish Pammy Knits socks, you'll get the socks intended for Pamster/Pamela Yip from her.