Monday, June 16, 2008

They blowed up real good

My Detonators arrived today. Blue Moon fans will no doubt recognize that they are made from Socks That Rock Silkie in the Tide Pool colorway. They are knit perfectly as far as I can see and fit my feet. How lucky am I? I am so lucky that Holly also sent some baby alpaca/merino blend yarn. The color's a deep shaded purple.

Sock Wars 3 has mutated into two parts. The first part turned into a drawing for someone to win yarn. I could do a major rant on this, but I'm not going to. If by some bizarre twist of fate my card arrives in Ireland in time and I win, the yarn's going to the winner of the second part.

The second part is a resurrection of the War. It is being run as if no sudden death had been called and will keep going until one warrior is victorious. Helen is the person who has got the War going again. She's the coordinator of Yarn Smackdown. That's another event that's starting in August. The Oracle of Hat Attack! has stepped up to be the referee. Fair and consistent application of the rules will no doubt be the case for the balance of the war. Sign up for Hat Attack! because a-it is run well, b-they learn from what didn't work last time (hat pattern will fit everybody this time), and c-the fine people at SWTC are sponsoring this. Sign up for Yarn Smackdown, too.

1 comment:

Holly said...

Glad that they got there, and fit. I got as lucky from my assassin.

Decided it is not bad to be dead with a great pair of socks!