Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beginning of the End?

Today was the first big day in nearly a month of playing Sock Wars.

My original assassin, PS, has officially flaked. Her assassin, CA, had been killed but was unable to send yarn back. Her assassin, HD, is my new assassin. There have not been any postings that I've seen by HD's assassin, so I have no idea when she'll be shot down. I do know that HD's first pair ended up sitting in customs for a week. ::edit:: HD's going to send these via USPS, so that's not a factor. Today's Tuesday and she plans to mail on Friday. Also, HD's death socks are on the way to her. If she's killed before Friday, I'll live on for a while.

In the other direction, my third kill will occur as soon as MS opens her mail. MS's target PW and her target PY are both listed as alive. My goal was to be an Ace (5 kills). I've got 3. Depending on what's going on with MS, I'm pretty sure I can get a fourth in before anything happens with my assassin.

In other knitting news, I've been doing about as much frogging as knitting on my Slow Bee shawl. I've decided that more of a mess is made by frogging than corrections. Unless it's a huge mistake, I'm going to just knit. The Knit Police can just go bother someone else.

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